Login Errors

Speedify can sometimes encounter errors when you are trying to login. Below are some of the common errors:

Unable to get the directory list

Speedify needs to login and get a list of the available servers before it can connect to a server. Speedify attempts to login using https over port 443. Proxies and firewalls are the most common reasons that this connection is blocked.

Bad password

If you see the message "Sorry, we didn't recognize your login details. Please check your email and password, then try again.", this means you have entered the wrong password. You can use the Forgot Password button at the bottom to reset your password with an email.

Note that if you also own Connectify Hotspot, it's the same user account.  Changing the password on one, changes it one both, as it's the same account.

Network Timeouts

If you see the message "Speedify timed out when trying to login.", this means that Speedify was not able to access the server. This could indicate a problem with the Speedify server itself, but it could also be related to your Internet connection or some other software blocking Speedify. 

You can try selecting another server location from the Servers list (accessible from the menu in the top left of Speedify) to see if the problem is related to the server you are trying to connect to. 

You can also check antivirus and firewall software to see if it is blocking Speedify.

Speedify does not support some Internet connections. Speedify is not able to connect through proxies. If you connection does not allow traffic on higher number ports, typically above 49000, then Speedify will not be able to connect.

Unknown Errors

Speedify can sometimes encounter other networks errors. This might be related to the reasons discussed in the Network Timeouts section above or could be a temporary error. Try connecting Speedify again and try choosing a different server location.

If the problems persist, please generate logs from the menu in the top left of Speedify and send the zip file to [email protected]

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