How to stream region-locked content to your computer or mobile device

Access a new world of TV from BBC, CBS, MTV, and thousands of other content providers that restrict viewing content (especially streaming video / audio) by region. Simply connect to a server in the region where your content is available, and you can watch your favorite streaming TV and movies instantly.

How To Unblock (Almost) Any Site or Service

  1. Click here to sign up for your free Speedify trial.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Speedify for Mac or PC, log into the app using the login credentials we emailed to you.
  3. After you’re successfully running Speedify, simply click on the server hyperlink in the top-left corner of the main screen to pop-up the Speed Server menu.
  4. Select from any available Speedify Speed Servers on 5 continents, and your Internet traffic instantly will appear to come from your chosen country. You can now unblock sites and access web services that are only available to users from that particular region (If you would like to increase your Internet speed for better streaming of high-quality video, just follow this tutorial).

Please note that this might not work on all services, but according to our data it should on more than 90% of them.

How to stream country restricted content

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to view some content that is restricted in your country or area? You may be ahead with binging and want to see the latest episode of your favourite series as it rolls out, but the laws of marketing applied through the laws of networking forbid you to do so.

Use a browser proxy add-on for articles and websites

If we’re talking about simply viewing a website with articles or small videos and audio pieces that is restricted in your area, then the simplest way would be to install a proxy browser add-on and select a proxy from an area that is not restricted (usually the US).

But when it comes to audio-video streaming, things are not so simple. You need a fast and reliable Internet connection so that you will not get buffering screens or even disconnects while watching an important event or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Use Speedify for all, especially video streaming

When you run Speedify, all the data goes through our speed servers which are located all over the world. You can choose which speed server to connect to.

Speedify also features VPN encryption, so you can rest assured that your online identity will be protected, while at the same time taking advantage of increased speed and reliability.

You can now view the content that is not intended for your country if you choose a speed server that is not near you, but one that is located in a content unrestricted territory. You can even do that with a single Internet connection; an additional connection will certainly help with the speed and quality of the stream, if your main one is not that good. If this second connection is a cellular connection, be sure to set the rules for the amount of data included in your plan so that you don’t go over.

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