Speed vs Redundant Mode

Speedify supports two modes: Speed, for fast performance, and Redundant, for the ultimate in reliability.  To be clear, unless you are certain that you need Redundant mode, you should pick Speed!

The two modes are:

  • Speed:  This is the normal mode, where Speedify sends each packet of your data on one connection at a time.  For a speed boost it may send some data on one connection, and some data on the other connection, but each packet of data is only sent once.
  • Redundant: Redundant mode gives you super-reliable Internet by sending each of your data packets on ALL of your Internet connections at the same time. Using Redundant mode can use a lot of data, so you should be careful if using it with data limited connections. Redundant mode is not recommended for normal usage.  It's more appropriate for protecting very important sessions such as a business call over Skype or live streaming a video to an audience.  We have a number of reporters and people live streaming video who love Redundant mode, but it's not for everyone.

To change the modes:

On the main screen, just below the main connection switch, you will see either Speed or Redundant mode:

Tap it, to pull up the Speed vs Redundant mode picker:

If you are not sure which one to use, pick Speed!

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