If you're logged in to Speedify with an account (as opposed to just using the free, not logged in version), you can access information about your Account by clicking on your email address from main screen. Once you've done so you'll see a few options available to you:

Switch Accounts: Clicking this option will log you out of Speedify, so that you can switch accounts.

Manage Subscription: By clicking this option you are taken to a page on the store where you can choose to edit your subscription or cancel your subscription. Depending on whether you purchased from the Speedify site,  the App Store or the Play Store, you will be sent to the appropriate location. 

Change Password: You can change your Speedify password here. 

Share: Opens your web browser and gives you the option to share Speedify on select social media sites.

Get Help: Opens your web browser to the Speedify Knowledge Base.

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